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“We are a young and energetic CRM consultancy firm with many years of experience in the field and references from a large number of industries. We are high achievers by nature and very proud of what we do. We treat every customer as if it is our only one and we take personal responsibilty for the quality of our work. It’s in our DNA.”

Stefan Christiansson  Founder, Nemely AB 

Our DNA - Our Commitment


We show true dedication in everything we do. From the first meeting through our requirement analysis all the way to delivery and aftercare.


At the end of the day, our primary goal is to nurture our customers and show them how special they are to us. We will go that extra mile to make sure nothing is left to chance.


Just as the systems and solutions we deliver, we too must be adaptable and flexible. Every project and implementation we deliver is hand crafted to suit your specific needs and requirements. Perfection lies in the details.

These are not just words. They influence everything we do and they guide us in our daily work. It’s our recipe for success and we call it our DNA.
Customer Relationship Management
What is CRM?
What is CRM?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a business strategy and philosophy with the primary goal of developing and transforming profitable customers into loyal customers. This is achieved by establishing and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction through various means of communication, service and quality assurance.

Why do you need it?
Why do you need it?

Customer Acquisition is between 4 and 10 times more expensive than Customer Retention. By always keeping your customers happy, informed and close by, they will develop a loyalty to your company and you will retain their future business.

What will you gain?
What will you gain?

With the help of an investment in CRM you will gain a better insight into the value of your customers as well as your customers’ needs. With the right tool for managing your customers at your disposal, not only will you be able to be informed about your current customers but you will also be able to improve your customer acquisition through marketing and lead generation efforts.

Customer Involvement Management
Customer Involvement Management

Take a step further and extend the use of your current CRM investment into CIM or Customer Involvement Management. CIM takes you to the next level by involving your customers in your business or product development through product design, marketing, customer service etc. Leverage your customers to guide your future product development in the right path.

Social Media and CRM
Social Media and CRM

Another important aspect of CRM is the link with Social media. In today’s connected world, being visible as well as responsive to what is going on in social media can be the difference between success or being overtaken by your competitors. Integration with social media is one of the key functionalities of any CRM.

Global CRM Market
Global CRM Market

CRM has seen a tremendous growth year over year for the last few years and the total market value of CRM has now surpassed that of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). CRM is now considered the most important software investment for any company to be able to compete in a market that is more volatile and fast changing than ever before.

Key Benefits of CRM
  • Retain current customers
  • Improve follow up of sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Manage more customers per sales representative
  • Gather all communication with a customer irregardless of channel
  • Mobilify your sales force
  • Monitor social media and respond quickly
  • Improve follow up and reporting for management
  • Get the right data into the hands of your employees
  • Be prepared for the future!
  • Manage more customers per sales representative
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Retain current customers
  • Improve follow up of sales
  • Gather all communication with a customer irregardless of channel
  • Monitor social media and respond quickly
  • Mobilify your sales force
  • Get the right data into the hands of your employees
  • Improve follow up and reporting for management
  • Be prepared for the future!
CRM in Numbers

Cloud based CRM implementations

CRM users accessing through mobile device

Businesses planning to increase CRM spending

CRM market growth 2014-2015
CRM worldwide spending 2015
Predicted CRM worldwide spending 2017

To deliver on our promise of dedication, nurture and adaptability we have hand picked the platforms and technologies that go hand in hand with our vision and that help us reach the end result that our customers demand. Based on the individual requirements of our customer we will be part of the selection process to decide on which system to implement, which parts to base on standard third party components and which needs require custom development. All this goes hand in hand and the result is a cost effective, maintainable and business oriented system implementation.

Read more about the technologies we work with. If you need our help in another platform, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have experience in most CRM systems on the market and can help you with your most dire needs.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a platform developed by Microsoft. The core functionalities revolve around sales, service and marketing but the platform is marketed as an XRM platform with endless customisation capabilities utilising it’s .NET based frameworks. Thanks to the extendability of Dynamics CRM our customers can maximise their investment in the platform in other areas such as human resources, project management and other business critical areas. With the introduction of Dynamics 365 in 2016, Microsoft merges traditional CRM functionality with ERP in a complete package.


Salesforce is the American cloud computing company behind the Salesforce.com CRM platform as well as other cloud services such as Force.com and Heroku. With Cloud experience since 1999 and over 100.000 customers, it is a proven online platform from both a performance and security point of view.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM from the company with the same name is an advanced web based CRM system with implementation options both Cloud and On-Premise. Coming from and Open Source background, the system has seen tremdendous development over the last few years and it is now a full fledged CRM system on par with other great offerings on the market.


Sharepoint is a web content and document management system from Microsoft. It delivers on the promise of flexibility, stability and scalability. Available both online in Office365 as well as OnPremise for local installations. Sharepoint can be utilised for intranet, extranet, content and document management, business intelligence, workflow management among other things.

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsofts cloud service offering providing a toolbox of productivity applications meeting mot needs of small and medium size companies. Covering aspects such as e-mail, corporate intranet, chat, document management etc. Office365 also integrates out of the box with Dynamics CRM and PowerBI.


To get a full understanding and overview of your company’s current situation and future forecast you need a powerful BI tool. PowerBI from Microsoft is just that, delivering a complete BI package in an easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to distribute solution. PowerBI integrates with everything from On-Premises data sources, online CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce, and a multitude of online services such as Facebook, Google Analytics etc.


PowerApps, also from Microsoft, is a mobile platform for quickly building business focused mobile apps integrating with different data sources such as CRM, Sharepoint lists, SQL databases and even flat files. Using PowerApps your company can quickly distribute a mobile app within your organisation for a particular need such as a convention, product launch or within a specific department. Contact us today for a demo of what PowerApps can be utilised for in your organization.

Web Design

Utilising standard systems adapted to your specific needs gets you a long way towards your total goal, but ever so often there is need for custom development such as customer portals, external websites or specific custom user experiences for your internal staff. We have extensive experience in developing using all the latest web technologies either as a stand alone project or as part of a CRM implementation.

App Development

Mobile App Development is often a natural extension to your CRM and customer portal implementations. We can help you design and implement a mobile app supporting your business typically utilising the data present in your internal CRM system.


We have used our combined extensive experience in CRM to bring to market some amazing verticals for a multitude of industries to be used as they are or further adapted to better suit our customer’s needs.


Our hospitality solution caters to businesses in industries such as lodging, event planning and transportation. Track your loyal customers, monitor preferences and follow up on customer satisfaction.


Leave it to our membership solution to take care of your customer memberships and manage all aspects of the loyalty lifecycle. Track membership levels, collected points, purchase history, redemption of benefits and all other aspects of your loyalty program.


With our education solution at your fingertips you will get full control of your educational environment. Follow up on students, alumni, classes, programs, grades, teacher and everything else that needs your special attention.

Field Service

Use our field service solution to improve the efficiency of your field service technicians and follow up their activities, serviceable objects, complaints, replacements, service contracts etc. Nothing is left to chance and all information is within reach.

Contact us today to book a live demo and learn more about these great solutions or scroll down to learn even more about what we can do for you.

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To be able to provide the best experience to your customers, your staff needs to have access to as much information about your customers as possible. This information is usually stored in different systems and it’s not always easy to get a good overview. At the foundation of a successful CRM implementation is access and availability of the correct data, at the correct time and in the correct place.

Depending on the requirements and focus of your CRM implementation integrations to systems such as ERP, customer portals, HR and marketing automation, to mention a few, might be a necessity to provide the users with the information they need to optimise their work.

Perhaps you have an old CRM system that you have grown out of’? We can help you migrate to a new and more modern platform that is better suited to fit your needs.

As online services become more and more vital to running a business, we can integrate with most of them such as Trello, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Docs.

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